My Story

Known to most as Jilleysue, I truly found my place the day I found Scentsy.  I was born and raised in Maine and moved to South Florida 18 years ago. During a time when I was dealing with a tremendous amount of adversity in my personal life, even though I had a corporate job with a great title, I was looking for something I could call my own and also make new friends and connections. 

I signed up for Scentsy secretly in August 2009 after many failed attempts at other Direct Sales companies. Deep down I truly thought I would fail at Scentsy too, so I started with the intent of only joining this one last company for the discount.  Almost 9 years later, my Scentsy business has become so much more than a hobby or a discount. Scentsy has built up my confidence, help me realize my purpose and created lasting friendships that I could never imagine my life without.  I am now proud to have people ask me what I do and I still get excited when people ask, "What is Scentsy.?"

Scentsy so much more than about warmers and wax. I take all the things that I have learned over the last 9 years and help other hopeful business owners overcome fear and help them see how amazing they truly are.  I was a full time Compliance Director for 14 years before Scentsy and in 2014 because of this amazing business, I was able to stay home and be proud of what I do every day. I am passionate, excited, happy, driven and most of all grateful that I am able to inspire so many other people.  I am a completely different person before I found Scentsy and I am forever grateful and blessed that I ordered just one more kit. 

Some Milestones & Memorable Moments: 

Certified in September 2009

Shooting Star Award September 2009

Scentsational Start Award November 2009

Director Promotion October 2010

Summer Incentive Winner May, June, July 2011

Star Director Promotion November 2011

Director Bootcamp Graduate 2012

Costa Rica Incentive Trip Earner 2013

Spring Sprint Speaker February 2013

Super Star Director Promotion November 2015

Spring Sprint Presenter  2016

Disney Incentive Trip Earner 2016

Scentsy Family Reunion 2016 Presenter

Super Star Director Summitt 2016

World Premiere Site Leader 2017

Punta Cana Incentive Trip Earner 2017

Mediterranean Cruise Incentive Earner 2018

Scentsy Convention Presenter 2018

Some of my amazing memories in the last 9 years are because of Scentsy. I love seeing my team succeed and do things they have never dreamed of doing. I love being a part of their journey and helping every single one of them get to the next level.  I love Scentsy just as much as did as the first day the kit showed up on my door step.

I would love to share my experiences with you. Lets chat and see where a journey like this could take you.